Re: [ISN] Personnel Shortage Hindering Net Security

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 04:21:24 PST

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    There isn't a shortage of experienced security personnel...simply
    check any of the sites listing jobs in the DC Metro area.  The gov't
    is opening up positions to via contract vehicles, and constracting
    firms are trying to fill them...but the only steadfast requirement in
    any of the postings is a *current* TS clearence.
    And if the commercial sector is going to whine about a lack of
    talent...let 'em.  The commercial sector has been posting positions
    since before 9/11, and not responding when a principal or a placement
    firm puts a resume in front of them.
    The talent's out there...the fact that recruiting has gone down the
    toilet over the past couple of years is the reason for the comments
    for NIPC.  The purpose of certifications are now not to show a minimum
    level of knowledge...they're a tool that gets you past the recruiter
    and in front of a hiring manager.
    > ARLINGTON, Va. - A critical shortage of experienced security
    > personnel - and not a lack of technological advancement - is
    > hindering the effort to secure the nation's public and private
    > networks, government officials and security experts said Tuesday.
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