Re: [ISN] MS vs. open source: Security's the same

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Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 23:56:40 PST

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    Even as a certified MCP & MCSE Windows 2000, I could not agree more!  
    I have influenced many a customer to use MS products over the last 12
    years, invested substantial time and $$$ in MS Certification, and I
    can't even get them to return my phone calls for support!  What a
    business model!  MS is going to bring themselves down.
    It is true that they are doing a whole lot more PR and legal wrangling
    to decrease their liability, while not really changing anything, other
    than piling the complete BS higher and deeper!  Meanwhile, the open
    source community is working earnestly to EARN respect and their
    customer base, and has for years.  Lots of former "MS Men", like
    myself are exploring our options and placing Linux, and other
    alternative OS's servers where NT/2000 used to be our #1 choice.  I
    can ask a difficult technical question on any of the many Linux lists
    and have an answer within minutes.  With MS, if you don't have your CC
    ready, even if your product is "still supported for free" because it
    is new, you better not hold your breath for an answer from MS tech
    W James
    > Now which group is more security driven and which is more trying to
    > cover their ass.  You decide.
    > </Rant>
    > Joe Klein
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