[ISN] Four arrested in plan to expose lax security at Camp Pendleton

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Date: Sun Apr 07 2002 - 22:26:15 PDT

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    By Pauline Repard 
    April 6, 2002 
    Four men who used expired military IDs to trespass into Camp Pendleton
    were arrested after a late-night food fight Wednesday that destroyed
    more than 400 pounds of food.
    They claimed they were trying to show how lax security is at the base
    and planned to give the media a videotape of their exploits, said FBI
    spokeswoman Jan Caldwell.
    The four self-employed alarm salesmen were arraigned yesterday in
    federal court in San Diego on misdemeanor charges of trespassing,
    malicious mischief, destruction, theft of government property and
    using a false military pass. They did not enter pleas.
    Caldwell said the damage totaled less than $1,000.
    "Their main focus was to gain entrance to the base to expose lax
    security. Their thinking was obviously flawed because they got
    arrested," Caldwell said.
    Brett Jensen, 24, of Los Angeles and Travis Delgadillo, 24, of Las
    Vegas showed expired Marine Corps IDs as they drove onto the base late
    Wednesday night, Caldwell said. With them were Steve Esteves, 24, and
    Peter Marshall, 35, both of Los Angeles.
    Caldwell said the men drove around for a while, then stopped at a mess
    hall. A worker told them midnight rations had ended and that the
    building was closed. Later, though, they forced their way through a
    back window and picked the lock on a refrigerator, authorities said.
    Authorities allege the men either ate or threw around 12 pounds of
    cheese; 12 loaves of french bread; 75 pounds of honeydew melon; 198
    pounds of watermelon; 20 pounds of mushrooms; 20 pounds of beef
    patties; 15 pounds of sliced bacon; 24 pounds of cherry tomatoes; and
    40 pounds of regular tomatoes.
    The mess hall employee returned to the area, saw their car in the
    parking lot and called military police. The men were arrested about 2
    a.m. Thursday, turned over to the FBI and the Naval Criminal
    Investigative Service, then booked into the federal jail in downtown
    San Diego.
    Caldwell said the videotape, which was confiscated, shows the men
    entering the base, breaking into the mess hall and their food fight.
    She said it would be up to Marine authorities to investigate how the
    men were able to get onto the base without valid credentials.
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