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    Guess it's good I'll be retiring before long.  I haven't even read the
    original article, but a few points come to mind.
    First of all, most of us can get our point across without resorting to
    language that reflects a lower than whale manure on the bottom of the
    ocean mentality.
    Second, nearly EVERYTHING about mainframe computers back in the 60s
    was designed to keep people out.  I won't quibble with anyone those
    who argue the operating system wasn't designed to keep people out, but
    it didn't have to be, because the additional safeguards in use were
    more than adequate.
    Third, it's obvious the writer below doesn't have a clue about what it
    was like back in the 60s.
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    > APRIL 9, 2002 
    > By Alex Salkever 
    > Thanks to sophisticated new attack methods, computer security has to
    > go beyond the old standby of merely keeping intruders out
    > "DIFFERENT SCENARIO."  This explains why intruders increasingly play
    > off this connectivity to target systems that require a certain
    > degree of openness to function as a business tool. "The
    > [pre-Internet] computing technologies were designed to keep people
    > out. The Internet is all about letting people in. That's a different
    > security scenario,"  explains Joe Duffy, national security practice
    > manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers.
    Well, I think this pretty much establishes that Joe Duffy was not on
    the net before 1995 or so.
    Hrm, let's find his bio.
    Joe Duffy is Lead Partner for the National Security Practice of
    PricewaterhouseCoopers. An author and frequent speaker on business
    technology issues, Mr. Duffy is responsible for the strategic
    direction, growth and vision of the US Security Practice for
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