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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 00:21:34 PDT

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    From the original article...
    There's a bomb containing a nuclear device, a biological weapon, and a
    chemical weapon all in onepackage," says Tom Noonan, CEO of ISS.
    Shameless. Why not throw in a few references to the WTC and Osama
    while you're at it Tom??? Why not just educate people and let your
    products stand on their own merits (if they can), instead of using
    scare tactics?
    And businesses would do well to look at ways to watch and control more
    rigorously what's happening inside the perimeter rather than put their
    stock in blocking out barbarians with a firewall.
    Wow, this guy has an eye for the obvious. I've been saying for some
    time that perimeter firewalls can only do so much. There is simply no
    substitute for host based security...period.
    Jericho quote...
    If an attacker breaks into a machine to be able to launch a DoS
    attack, then wouldn't it be closer to a 1:1 ratio between non DOS
    compromises and DoS attacks? Especially DDoS attacks that have kids
    breaking into 1,000 machines to create their zombie army.
    I've often wondered why this is overlooked. I guess some guys spend
    all their time focusing on the latest buzzwords and acronyms, never
    really focusing on the real problem. Poor security out of the box
    facilitates DDoS attacks. If everything were "reasonably" secure out
    of the box, the kiddies would have a much smaller pool of resources to
    draw from.
    Jonathan Rickman
    X Corps Security
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