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    The writer of the attack on Joe Duffy obviously thinks "clever"
    attacks can take the place of meaningful knowledge and experience.  
    Knowing the details of some here-today-gone-tomorrow technical device
    is NOT knowledge or experience.  It is what technicians learn from
    cookbooks.  Duffy has both knowledge and experience in abundance, and
    certainly has better manners.
    I think this forum should draw the line at the point where childish
    ranting out weights useful contributions to the very real issues we
    all face.
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    > APRIL 9, 2002
    > By Alex Salkever
    > Thanks to sophisticated new attack methods, computer security has to
    > go beyond the old standby of merely keeping intruders out
    > "DIFFERENT SCENARIO."  This explains why intruders increasingly play
    > off this connectivity to target systems that require a certain
    > degree of openness to function as a business tool. "The
    > [pre-Internet] computing technologies were designed to keep people
    > out. The Internet is all about letting people in. That's a different
    > security scenario,"  explains Joe Duffy, national security practice
    > manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers.
    Well, I think this pretty much establishes that Joe Duffy was not on
    the net before 1995 or so.
    Hrm, let's find his bio.
    Joe Duffy is Lead Partner for the National Security Practice of
    PricewaterhouseCoopers. An author and frequent speaker on business
    technology issues, Mr. Duffy is responsible for the strategic
    direction, growth and vision of the US Security Practice for
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