Re: [ISN] Q&A: Microsoft Senior VP Paul Flessner on Trustworthy Computing

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Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 01:39:59 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Richard Forno <rfornoat_private>
    Microsoft is the master of vagueness and vaporware. Does anyone really
    know what "Trustworthy Computing" is? (Trustworthy for who? Microsoft,
    the users, or Hollywood?) For that matter, what exactly is the "Dot
    Net" concept?
    They both seem to be all-encompassing concepts that continually change
    with the public's perception of Microsoft, IMHO....a moving target, a
    continual proof of concept, much like how the Windows OS never seems
    to get out of the beta process, even when it's shrink-wrapped on the
    shelves @ Best Buy.
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    > Subject: [ISN] Q&A: Microsoft Senior VP Paul Flessner on Trustworthy Computing
    > [Flessner dances around the questions in classic Microsoft fashion,
    > which begs the question why he was being interviewed in the first
    > place. From the sound of the article, I'd be willing to bet Microsoft
    > has hired more food service employees in the timeframe that
    > "Trustworthy Computing" became a real issue than security people  - WK]
    > April 15, 2002 
    > Paul Flessner, senior vice president of Microsoft Corp.'s .Net
    > Enterprise Server group, talked about the company's ongoing
    > Trustworthy Computing initiative during an interview late last week.
    > Excerpts follow:
    > Q: Can you discuss the impact of Microsoft's intensive security
    > initiative on your product group?
    > A: The security effort overall is in a couple dimensions. One, it's
    > about education to the development teams. ... [Two], it's about a
    > thorough review of the code. ...
    > So the Windows team and the SQL Server team and the Exchange team and
    > the e-business types and SMS management teams have all been through
    > this process of training, code review. And now it's about how things
    > are going to roll out and what fixes go where and how we're going to
    > back-level some and how many just go forward, how many break
    > compatibility. There's a lot of work and focus on that. ...
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