Re: [ISN] Teen Hacker Packs Feminist Punch

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Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 01:06:40 PDT

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    > But she also has posted her viruses on her homepage -- meaning
    > anyone else could release them.
    > "That's not my problem," she says. "When people make guns, can you
    > blame them when somebody else kills [somebody] with them? I only
    > write them; I don't release them."
    Ah yes, the time-honored V-2 rocket philosophy: "I just zend ze
    rockets up; who cares vere zey come down?"
    The real meat and potatoes of this story, ladies and gentlemen, is
    that this is just another amoral, completely self-absorbed teenager
    who believes that only her code matters.  The Internet and the rest of
    the world are there solely for the purpose of providing her with a
    place to parade her sociopathic ego.  I'm torn between anger at her
    parents for having nurtured such a dysfunctional personality, empathy
    for her hapless victims, and sadness for the pathetic creature she is
    quickly becoming.  Intelligence without ethics is what produced
    nuclear weapons, and a host of other technologies which by any
    objective definition must be termed insane.  The problem with
    teenagers who think they're smarter than anyone else (and I know; I
    was one of them) is that eventually someone smarter comes along and
    kicks your butt. That experience is traumatic for anyone, but for
    someone like this, whose world view essentially centers around her own
    perceived superiority, it can be utterly devastating.
    You know why they call it a 'virus?' Because it is a self-replicating
    pathogen: an organism which invades and destoys other organisms as
    part of its life cycle.  People who create pathogens are not smart,
    nor are they contributing anything to society.  They're simply giving
    themselves a psychological boost at the expense of others.
    Another word for this sort of behavior is terrorism, but at least most
    terrorists think they're acting on behalf of a cause, no matter how
    perverse it may seem to the rest of us.
    So, if I bury an antipersonnel mine in her garden and she's "stupid"  
    enough to step on it and be maimed or killed, that's her problem,
    right?  I mean, I just plant them, I don't tell people to step on
    Get a life of your own, little geek, and stop using other people for
    your own vicarious gratification.  There's already too much of that in
    this world.
    Robert G. Ferrell
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