Re: [ISN] Teen Hacker Packs Feminist Punch

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Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 01:07:34 PDT

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    "InfoSec News was known to say....."
    > By Rick Lockridge, Tech Live New York bureau chief
    > April 24, 2002 
    > MECHLIN, Belgium -- She can kick your butt and wipe your hard drive
    > cleaner than a dog's dinner plate. So when the young kickboxer and
    > virus writer known as "Gigabyte" tells you she doesn't want her face
    > on TV, well, you play along. Tonight's "Tech Live" tells her story.
    > "I'll just shoot you from behind," I say, carrying my TV camera
    > across the large mat that covers the health club's gymnasium floor.
    > It's almost time for the 6 p.m. kickboxing class, and Gigabyte is
    > the only woman there.
    To quote what I posted to the Tech TV site, since god knows the
    authors of this sh*t never link their mail addresses:
    "Well if this isn't "se7en 2.0" I don't know what is.  Just turned 18,
    but learned to code on a C64?  Sweet lord, what will the media be fed
    Even if that *were* plausable, the rest of the article sounds just
    like Valor going off about hacking just hacked his 99th porn server.  
    Doesn't ANYONE in the media have a freaking memory, or is the turnover
    rate so high that it's constant fresh meat writing these articles
    who've never bothered to research the past, even in the MILDEST
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