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    Reality what a concept.
    This is why Education, Parents and others should utilize the ethics and perhaps Winn Schwartu's Computer ethics books.  
    The kid understands the concept of what good and bad are but, by
    posting her virus on her site and associating it with gun sellers come
    v/r Michael
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    By Rick Lockridge, Tech Live New York bureau chief
    April 24, 2002 
    MECHLIN, Belgium -- She can kick your butt and wipe your hard drive
    cleaner than a dog's dinner plate. So when the young kickboxer and
    virus writer known as "Gigabyte" tells you she doesn't want her face
    on TV, well, you play along. Tonight's "Tech Live" tells her story.
    "I'll just shoot you from behind," I say, carrying my TV camera across
    the large mat that covers the health club's gymnasium floor. It's
    almost time for the 6 p.m. kickboxing class, and Gigabyte is the only
    woman there.
    Of course, she's used to that. In the male-dominated world of virus
    writers, she stands out. And not only because of her gender. She is
    also something of a virus-writing prodigy, having started programming
    at age six.
    "I figured out how to write a few lines of code on my uncle's
    Commodore 64," says Gigabyte, who just recently celebrated her 18th
    birthday. "Later, I wanted to learn more about programming, so I went
    to the store and asked for books. The salespeople were surprised. It
    was like: 'Why do you want a book? Why don't you just buy a game and
    go play?' But games are not very interesting to me. I wanted to learn
    how to write real executable programs."
    So she did.
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