[ISN] `Task Force Tiger' put to the test

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Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 02:12:27 PDT

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    BLINDING THE ENEMY: The nation's new information warfare unit debuted 
    during the latest military exercises and observers say it outclassed 
    its simulated opponent
    April 27th, 2002
    The Taiwan military recently completed its Hankuang No. 18 military
    exercises, incorporating computerized simulations of an invasion of
    Taiwan in 2005 by the Chinese military. The exercise was the first
    time that the information warfare group set up by the army last year,
    "Task Force Tiger", was a part of the exercises -- featuring in a war
    game simulation code-named "Lusheng No. 2".
    The Hankuang exercises simulated the army's planned five-step
    war-development sequence: information warfare, electronic warfare,
    control of airspace, control of the seas and a counterattack on China.
    Teachers from the National Defense University played the role of the
    Chinese army in a simulation of an information warfare battle against
    Taiwan. They first used the Internet to spread false information and
    to disguise troop movements in order to confuse Taiwan's military.
    They followed this up with intelligence information warfare and
    psychological information warfare.
    They then launched another information warfare assault, using the
    Internet to send e-bombs and computer viruses in an attempt to cripple
    Taiwan's information-gathering system.
    "Task Force Tiger" countered by using advanced Internet firewalls to
    keep enemy hackers out and by launching computer viruses against the
    enemy's computer systems.
    The army says it has significantly raised its ability to break enemy
    database codes and firewall systems. In the exercise it successfully
    broke into "the enemy's" computers to cripple its information systems.
    Taiwan managed to win the information warfare part of the computerized
    war game, defeating the invading army's information warfare department
    for the third consecutive year -- making up for deficiencies in the
    missile defense system.
    US observers were reportedly impressed with the army's ability to
    counter enemy hackers and its ability to design firewalls, and they
    estimated that Taiwan's information warfare abilities exceed those of
    China by far.
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