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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 00:08:40 PDT

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    On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 04:17:46AM -0500, Justin Lundy wrote:
    > Raytheon developed SilentRunner directly after a programmer named
    > "bind" published his open-source "siphon" project on the Internet
    > two years ago. The siphon software passively mapped networks (see
    > where
    Considering I was present at a functional demo of the pre-release
    SilentRunner product well over two years ago, before the Siphon
    presentation at Blackhat (for which I was also present) I find this
    claim quite hard to believe.  Corporate products do not have same-day
    development turnaround, especially on the then three-OS environment.
    So the claim that SilentRunner stole the siphon concept to create a
    corporate product is completely off-base.
    > Having worked in the computer industry for a while, nothing sickens
    > me more than a constant supply of low-quality, small-scope software
    > that was written in a week and sells for rediculous amounts of
    > money. If
    While I cannot attest to the quality of the code, I do know it took
    much more than a week to develop the core product.  The visualization
    tools are quite interesting.  As to the price, I personally agree;
    full Gigabit IDS deployments cost a fraction of a single SR sensor. :)
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