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    This article was brought on by one who tried sniffing in a switched
    environment.  He (She) had not practiced enough or was not familiar
    with the equipment he was manipulating.  The sensational writing does
    add a bit to the occurance...
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    on 7 May 2002 at 3:51, InfoSec News sent these words:
    > By Robert Lemos 
    > Staff Writer, CNET
    > May 6, 2002, 4:00 PM PT
    > reporter's notebook - VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Even before the
    > CanSecWest security conference started on Wednesday, unknown hackers
    > had given the hotel's high-speed network a case of the hiccups. By
    > Wednesday evening, the system was laid out flat.
    > The pros were peeved, and a call for an electronic posse went out.
    > "We're forming a hunting party," Dragos Ruiu, independent security
    > consultant and conference organizer, told the room of nearly 150
    > hackers and security experts late Thursday afternoon. "If anyone wants
    > to help us find out who's...poisoning the hotel network, talk to me."
    > But that evening, the vandal stayed offline and the hotel network was,
    > for a little while, glitch free.
    > Networks don't come much more hostile than those at the CanSecWest
    > security conference. The three-day conference brought together
    > hackers, security consultants, and government officials to talk tech
    > about the latest tools and trends in the online arena.
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