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    Subject: Edinburgh Financial Cryptography Engineering 2002 - CFP
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        The Third Edinburgh Financial Cryptography Engineering Conference
                           28-29 June, 2002
                          The Signet Library
                          Parliament  Square
                          Edinburgh, Scotland
         C  A  L  L     F  O  R      P  R  E  S  E  N  T  A  T  I  O  N  S
    Edinburgh is again host to the international *engineering* conference
    on Financial Cryptography.  Individuals and companies active in the
    field are invited to present and especially to demonstrate Running
    Code that pushes forward the "state of the art".
    In spite of the excesses and tragedies of the Great Dot Com era,
    we have come to the realization that the Internet, Commerce, and
    Technology are inextricably related.  We are therefore gathered
    together to study, as a community, the application of Cryptograpy
    and Information Security to the world of Finance.  For it is Finance
    that drives Commerce, and Commerce, in the modern era, is based on the
    This is a technical, practical meet.  Presentations of demonstrable
    technology in the field of Financial Cryptography are invited.  As this
    is a practical conference, we are hoping to accept every demonstrator.
    This conference is about implementations.  Presentations are required
    to demonstrate working code within the first five minutes.  Note that
    we are delighted to accept proposals from work-in-progress projects.
    If your demo crashes while honorably attempting to execute, the crowd
    will still love you.
    Our Venue is the Upper Library, within the Signet Library, which is a
    listed building housing the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet.
    This exclusive conference venue is located in the centre of Edinburgh,
    within the Royal Mile.
    Included in the conference admission will be breakfast, lunch and
    tea & coffee breaks.  Also included will be the conference dinner
    in a local Edinburgh establishment.
    The conference administration will block-book a convenient hotel
    in the centre of town.  Details to be advised.
    1. Save the dates 28/29 June 2002, Friday and Saturday on your calendar.
       It is good to plan on a few extra days, and especially, leaving on
       the day after, Sunday, will help to get the best fares.
    2. Prepare your presentation.  Check the evolving programme at
       Propose your presentation by mailing the Programme Chair,
       Rodney Thayer, at programmeat_private
    3. Book passage to Edinburgh. Don't forget to stay a few days on either
       side to see the sights.  Check the site for Locatives and Logistics.
    4. Work on your presentation.  Remember, the main rule is that you
       demo working code.
    5. Get your budget approved / allocated / applied for.  Whilst a
       commercial conference, accepted presenters will pay a deeply
       discounted fee, to be announced in a forthcoming release.  For
       planning purposes, 200 GBP (approximately 300 dollars or 320
       euros) should cover presenter's admission; the hotel should be
       about 100 GBP ($150 or E160) per night.
       Also include travel and incidentals in your budget.
    6. The call for delegates -- attendees who do not present -- will
       by published at a later date.  If there is someone in your
       organisation who needs to survey the state of the financially
       cryptographic art, they can attend as a delegate.  For planning
       purposes, 500 GBP ($750 or E800) should cover the delegate's
    7. If you think the conference can benefit your organisation,
       consider sponsoring.  Contact the Sponsorship Chair
       Fearghas McKay, sponsorat_private for more details.
    8. Keep an eye on the conference web site (www.efce.net)
       for evolving details.
    Fearghas McKay      General and Sponsorship Chair    <sponsorat_private>
    Rodney Thayer       Programme Chair                  <programmeat_private>
    Rachel Willmer	    Finance Chair		     <adminat_private>
    EFCE is supported by these companies active in Financial Cryptography:
       * Intertrader Ltd, an Edinburgh-based e-payments middleware and
         applications company.
       * Declarator.net, a supplier of Distributed Trust Appliances.
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