[ISN] Microsoft violates Mean Value Theorem

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Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 00:17:45 PDT

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    Subject: Microsoft violates Mean Value Theorem
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    From: Greg Rose <ggrat_private>
    While investigating a VPN problem, I ran "ping" from a Windows2000 box
    across a lossy link which crosses the Pacific Ocean 4 times to get the
    response back to me.
    Ping statistics for xx.xx.xx.xx:
         Packets: Sent = 120, Received = 99, Lost = 21 (17% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
         Minimum = 550ms, Maximum =  691ms, Average =  468ms
    So, the average time for those packets is significantly less than the 
    minimum time, eh? They've clearly divided the total time for successful 
    replies by the number of total packets *sent*, not *received*. Smart, huh? 
    It certainly looks like that Windows ping command is much more efficient 
    than the competition!
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