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Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 02:31:14 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Thomas Roy Garner <trgarneat_private>
    Your article regarding eye scanners reminds me of the eye scanner we
    use @ work.  Now, remember, this only applies to the eye-scanner we
    use, other systems may differ:
    Drink caffeine or sugar drinks prior to using our eye scanner, you can
    be perfectly still, yet the response is often "contact security
    manager" or "moved to much".  This is usually fun around 0700 or 0800,
    when just about everyone has had their 1st or 2nd cup of coffee or
    Frustration of personnel using device, to simply NOT use the device,
    after all, if I can ring the door and the personnel on the inside, let
    me in, why use the scanner in the first place?
    Longer lines (goes under frustration), b/c some people are just
    screwed @ the door, when it comes to scanning the eye, it can take as
    many as 10 attempts, to get in to the door, before giving up and
    ringing the bell.  This causes a back-log of personnel, standing
    waiting their turn, which creates another hazard...
    Time/date stamp, slips in time, it cannot keep the time after about
    one month.
    Y2K problem, one would think we had heard the LAST of this, but guess
    what?  2002, does not appear as 02 or 2002, it's way back in time, and
    I cannot set the date past 1999.
    Now, I have nothing against this device, however, many people will
    soon discover, as these devices proliferate that their "coolness" or
    "007-bond-esque appearance", will quickly diminish, as they stand
    their shifting their bodies into rather unusual positions, just to get
    the scanner to work! :)
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