RE: [ISN] Free tool: apache chunked vulnerability scanner

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Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 02:35:15 PDT

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    Cc: "Greg Broiles" <gbroilesat_private>
    yes the tool is non intrusive. thanks for pointing that out. well
    update the site.
    Marc Maiffret
    Chief Hacking Officer
    eEye Digital Security
    F.949.349.9538 - Network Security Scanner - Network Traffic Analyzer - Stop known and unknown IIS vulnerabilities
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    | Marc Maiffret wrote:
    | >We released a free tool tonight to scan for the recent Apache chunked
    | >encoding vulnerability.
    | >
    | >You can download it from:
    | >
    | Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that you've released a free
    | tool which scans HTTP headers for Apache version numbers, and then 
    | reports servers as vulnerable if they report running a version which, 
    | if unpatched, would bevulnerable?
    | Now, that's a very helpful program, but it's not really the same thing as
    | scanning for the vulnerability itself.
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