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Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 03:11:36 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Drew Williams <drew928sat_private>
    Well, here we are once again OVERstating the obvious. I can't decide
    whether the media is just bored, and continues to rewrite the same
    stupid, non-informing information, or whether these "government
    agencies" are as clueless as they appear.
    I think this is just another case of people who refuse to take action
    where they can't see risk. It's sort of like people who live in states
    where car insurance is still an option. Until it's mid-January, and
    they see the five-car pileup on the side of the road, they figure
    they're invincible from something as silly as "winter."
    These agencies feign "worry," until there is actual
    evidence of risk (i.e., "damage").
    --- InfoSec News <isnat_private> wrote:
    > Forwarded from: Bob <bobat_private>
    > Long, long ago, I noticed that institutions, public or private,
    > rarely ever prepare for a disaster until after being clobbered by
    > one.  So what's new?
    > Bob Adams
    > Government Not Ready for Cyberattacks
    > June 26, 2002
    > Internet News
    > The U.S. government is due for a "major" cyberattack within the next
    > 12 months and is unprepared to counter the threat, according to
    > report released Tuesday evening by the Business Software Alliance
    > (BSA).
    > This time, it isn't the relatively uninformed opinion of the general
    > public indicating worry over the security of government information,
    > as a December 2001 poll revealed, but IT professionals in the
    > business world -- the individuals who protect sensitive information
    > on a daily basis.
    > The poll was conducted after Congress issued a failing grade to
    > federal computer security efforts in November 2001.
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