[ISN] iPlanet Web Server Vulnerable to Attackers

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 05:21:31 PDT

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    July 9, 2002 
    By Dennis Fisher 
    There is a buffer overrun vulnerability in the iPlanet Web server that
    gives a remote attacker the ability to run arbitrary code on
    vulnerable machines.
    The new vulnerability comes less than a month after the discovery of a
    major flaw in the Apache Web server, the most popular server on the
    The iPlanet flaw is in the software's search function, which is
    disabled by default. But, if the function is enabled, an attacker who
    sends an overly long value for the "NS-rel-doc-name" parameter could
    overwrite a return address on the memory stack.
    The attacker would then have control over that process' execution, and
    any code he supplies will run in the security context of the account
    running the Web server, according to a bulletin published Tuesday by
    Next Generation Security Software Ltd. On machines running Windows NT
    or 2000, such code would run with the privileges of the local system
    Versions 4.1 and 6.0 of iPlanet are vulnerable, NGSS said. Sun
    Microsystems Inc., which owns iPlanet, has included fixes for the
    problem in service packs, available at sun.com.
    Last month, security researchers at several firms discovered a flaw in
    the way that Apache's HTTP server handles certain "chunked encoding"  
    requests. Exploitation of the vulnerability could give an attacker
    complete control of the Web server.
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