RE: [ISN] Our raid on Downing St.

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Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 01:56:33 PDT

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    >   >>TOP-secret files can be downloaded from the Prime
    >   >>Minister's computers in Downing Street...  Hackers
    >   >>use a gadget, called a WiFi (Wireless Fidelity)
    >   >>card, which enables them to tap into the...
    > Once again, I call for a law to make the act of "warchalking"
    > illegal here in the U.S.  Screw the First Amendment.  Possession of
    > (1) any WiFi device and (2) a piece of chalk should carry a
    > mandatory federal prison sentence of at least 20 months with no
    > chance of parole.
    > And I think we should also outlaw the sale of "weapons of war" at
    > Best Buy and Circuit City.  Ordinary American citizens do NOT have
    > an inalienable right to read top secret intelligence data.  Such
    > privileges extend only to those who can pass a detailed FBI
    > background investigation.
    This was entertaining, funny, witty, a real good read with my morning
    coffe.  Until I began to wonder wether the above quota was indeed
    meant to be sarcastic. Please, someone drop me a line telling me that
    it WAS indeed a joke? Possession of any WiFi device and chalk is a
    crime? Why not take things a step further and outlaw the possession of
    nmap, nessuss, airsnort? What about JtR?
    I think we should outlaw the setup of insecure WiFi networks with a
    mandatory federal prison sentence of at least 20 month with no chance
    of parole and being force-fed "Building internet firewalls" once a
    Oh, and BTW:
    "Cracknell estimated that this would take between one and two hours -
    but it is illegal under the Telecommunications Act and possibly the
    Official Secrets Act."
    Seems to me that misusing WLan access is already pretty illegal in the UK.
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