RE: [ISN] Our raid on Downing St.

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Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 01:58:38 PDT

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    Amen! And if we just clear all these sex offenders and violent
    criminals out of our prisons, we should have enough room for all the
    wardrivers! These cyberterrorist acts are reprehensible. Just because
    I broadcast my network to anyone withing a 1500-foot radius of my AP's
    doesn't mean I'm saying anyone can use it! The nerve...
    Can someone in the UK please find "Phil Cracknell" and beat him with a
    cluestick for trying to talk sense to a tabloid? I hope that helping
    spread FUD gets him a pile of new clients. Yay.
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    >   >>TOP-secret files can be downloaded from the Prime
    >   >>Minister's computers in Downing Street...  Hackers
    >   >>use a gadget, called a WiFi (Wireless Fidelity)
    >   >>card, which enables them to tap into the...
    > Once again, I call for a law to make the act of "warchalking"
    > illegal here in the U.S.  Screw the First Amendment.  Possession of
    > (1) any WiFi device and (2) a piece of chalk should carry a
    > mandatory federal prison sentence of at least 20 months with no
    > chance of parole.
    > And I think we should also outlaw the sale of "weapons of war" at
    > Best Buy and Circuit City.  Ordinary American citizens do NOT have
    > an inalienable right to read top secret intelligence data.  Such
    > privileges extend only to those who can pass a detailed FBI
    > background investigation.
    > Rob
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