Re: [ISN] Feds pursue secrecy for corporate victims of hacking

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Date: Sun Nov 03 2002 - 22:30:49 PST

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    Let me see if I get this right
    I'm xyz bank I haven't taken the initiative to hire a security mangaer
    or have hired one but, pay them minimum, they tell me I need to fix
    security holes I say nah to expensive.  I get hacked, my user data
    base and credit card information is stolen.  Numerous account users
    identities are stolen but, because I report it to the FBI I dont need
    to disclose it to my stake holders, or customers at will.  Hmmm!
    sounds great rob me again.
    > By TED BRIDIS, Associated Press
    > WASHINGTON (October 31, 2002 6:36 p.m. EST) - Senior law enforcement
    > officials assured technology executives Thursday that government
    > will increasingly work to keep secret the names of companies that
    > become victims to major hacking crimes, along with any sensitive
    > corporate disclosures that could prove embarrassing.
    > The effort, described at a cybercrime conference in northern
    > Virginia, is designed to encourage businesses to report such attacks
    > and build public confidence in Internet security. Officials promised
    > to use legal mechanisms, such as protective orders and sealed court
    > filings, to shield corporate hacking victims from bad publicity.
    > "It's important for us to realize that you have certain concerns as
    > victim companies that we have to acknowledge," FBI Director Robert
    > Mueller said. He promised, for example, that FBI agents called to
    > investigate hacking crimes will arrive at offices discreetly without
    > wearing official jackets with "FBI" emblazoned on them.
    > "The mere calling of us in an investigation can have an adverse
    > impact on the image of your company," said Mueller, who has made
    > cybercrime an FBI priority. In exchange for this protection, Mueller
    > said, companies should more frequently admit to the FBI when they
    > are victims of hacking. "You're not enabling us to do the job," he
    > said.
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