[ISN] Cordless keyboard woes continue

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Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 01:01:19 PST

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    Jonathan Tisdall
    Aftenposten English Web Desk
    Friday 08 November 2002 
    The Stavanger men who discovered that data input on a cordless
    keyboard also appeared on a neighbor's computer - supposedly far out
    of range in another building - have had their equipment replaced.  
    Nothing has changed, and the manufacturer is worried.
    Per Arild Evjeberg and Per Erik Helle made headlines when they
    discovered that text Evjeberg was typing in was appearing in Helle's
    apartment, 150 meters and at least two walls away.  Product manager
    Tore A. Särelind of Hewlett-Packard Norway is concerned and said the
    firm is taking the problem "deadly seriously", Stavanger Aftenblad
    "It was discouraging. When Per Arild started typing with his new
    keyboard it popped up on my screen again. It isn't his keyboard that
    is the problem, it is the keyboard in general. HP must realize that
    the sender is emitting far too powerful signals. Users have basically
    no control over who receives the signals," Helle said.
    "The theory that it was an isolated fault with Evjeberg's keyboard is
    weakened considerably when a new keyboard does the same thing. It
    indicates that the problem is much larger than we first believed,"  
    said Särelind, who will likely have the product tested by Norwegian
    electronics testing foundation Nemko.
    Särelind said that HP had mobilized forces to examine and react to the
    "Among other things we will check the suitability of the frequency we
    use. It is a so-called walkie-talkie frequency with a radius that can
    be difficult to limit," Särelind said.
    "We also would like to do an "on site" test in the area where Helle
    and Evjeberg live to see if there are special circumstances there
    which might influence the reach of the keyboards," Särelind said.
    Särelind said that further tests would have to take place before they
    could decide on a recall. Over 65,000 of the keyboards have been sold
    by HP in Europe alone. The keyboard is also sold in the USA, but in
    smaller numbers.
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