RE: [ISN] Osama's Plot to Blow-up the Internet on January 11th

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Date: Thu Jan 09 2003 - 01:47:09 PST

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    Forwarded from: Some organization I'd hope would know better...
    Has this been determined to be true or a hoax?
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    > As many of you know, InfoSec News constantly strives to give you the
    > best information security intelligence money can buy. =)
    > You can probably guess my amazement in seeing the November 26th
    > issue of the Weekly World News reporting that Al Qaeda is planning
    > to attack the Internet with a "cyberbomb" on January 11th.
    > D.C. based security consultant Charles Masford cites in the WWN
    > report that his high level sources in the "FBI anti-cyberterror task
    > force"  have pieced together 400 sources, including debriefings from
    > Al Qaeda fighters, raids in Europe, and intercepted voice and e-mail
    > communications, and have learned that this attack will happen at
    > 11:11AM on 1.11.03!
    This story was scanned by another InfoSec News reader and is at: (Warning, this is a 500K file!)
    The Weekly World News is a supermarket tabloid usually found at
    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon's Kwik-E-Mart, or just about any grocery store
    check out line. They're better known as the "Hot Sheets" if you've
    seen the movie 'Men in Black'.
    You can subscribe to the Weekly World News at:          
    Being that ISN is a free list, (and run in the red) its pretty
    doubtful that I can afford to pay for computer security intelligence.  
    At $2.79 an issue its a bargain for what security news I can use, you
    just have to take things with a grain/bucket of salt. :)
    So is this story above true or a hoax?
    I'll let you decide, this week's cover story features Bat Boy 
    (the half-bat, half-human) leading cops on a three state car chase 
    with a stolen Mini-Cooper. (With pictures!)
    William Knowles
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