RE: [ISN] Osama's Plot to Blow-up the Internet on January 11th

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Sat Jan 11 2003 - 00:33:08 PST

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    > At 03:47 AM 1/9/03 -0600, InfoSec News wrote:
    > > Has this been determined to be true or a hoax?
    > >> D.C. based security consultant Charles Masford cites in the WWN
    > >> report that his high level sources in the "FBI anti-cyberterror task
    > >> force"  have pieced together 400 sources, including debriefings from
    > >> Al Qaeda fighters, raids in Europe, and intercepted voice and e-mail
    > >> communications, and have learned that this attack will happen at
    > >> 11:11AM on 1.11.03!
    > Has anyone on ISN ever heard of Mr. Masford? I haven't been able to
    > find any references to him on the Web, and no one in the DC area
    > with whom I've spoken knows anything about him.  I'm beginning to
    > believe he may be related to "Captain Tuttle."
    Perhaps Mr. Masford is a colleague of Arnold Yabenson, president of
    the Washington-based consumer group National CyberCrime Prevention
    Foundation (NCPF), who thankfully warned us in another Weekly World
    News *exclusive* from May 2000 that "Hackers can make your PC explode"
    (see: ).
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