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Date: Mon Jan 13 2003 - 00:30:07 PST

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    By Mary Butler, Camera Staff Writer
    January 9, 2003
    A 32-year-old Boulder man who had opened his apartment's patio door to 
    enjoy Wednesday's unusually warm weather was later overheard screaming 
    threats and seen waving what appeared to be a handgun, prompting a 
    maintenance worker to call police. 
    Officers, as a precaution, evacuated the man's apartment building and 
    called SWAT officers to assist in defusing the situation. 
    It turned out that the man was simply upset at his computer - which he 
    had called a "bitch" he "wanted to kill," police said - and the gun 
    was a plastic pellet gun, not the .45-caliber automatic handgun it was 
    made to resemble. 
    "It was alarming and concerning and expensive for us, but the man's 
    conduct didn't warrant any criminal charges," Deputy Police Chief Dave 
    Hayes said. 
    Three people were evacuated from the man's eight-unit building, at 
    3350 Bridger Trail in the Remington Post condominium complex at the 
    intersection of 30th Street and Iris Avenue. 
    The 3 p.m. incident was resolved by about 4:30 p.m. The man, whose 
    name wasn't released because he wasn't arrested on suspicion of any 
    crime, was cooperative once police contacted him. Police did not 
    confiscate the pellet gun, but with the man's permission, they took 
    another firearm from his home "for safekeeping." 
    "He was very surprised, embarrassed and apologetic," Hayes said. 
    Hundreds of people driving near the housing complex - which is 
    adjacent to banks, a grocery store and the Alterra retirement 
    community - were detoured as police officers directed traffic to keep 
    residents of the complex from going home. Many people watched from 
    sidewalks to find out why SWAT officers were carrying large rifles 
    around the housing complex. 
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