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Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 10:39:25 PST

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    Forwarded from: Jeff Moss <jmossat_private>
    Hello ISN subscribers,
    Black Hat would like to make three announcements that may be of interest here.
    - First I would like to make the final announcement for the Black Hat
    Windows Security Briefings & Training 2003. Held in Microsoft's back
    yard, the conference will be in Seattle, February 26-27th, with two
    days of training available on the 24th & 25th. Highlights of the
    Briefings will include the much anticipated release of the "Enforcer"
    tool by Tim Mullen, Michael Howard & David LeBlanc's presentation on
    writing secure code, and Saumil Shah's presentation on assessment
    techniques utilizing the Fire & Water tool-kit.
    Greg Hoglund, founder of www.rootkit.com and Cenzic, has been added to
    the training agenda, and is giving a two day class titled "Aspects of
    Offensive Root-kit Technology". This is a first time offering of a
    class specifically focusing on Root-kit technology and promises to be
    - Second, almost 75 new presentations have been added on-line! All the
    video from Black Hat Windows Security 2002 AND Black Hat USA 2002 are
    now on-line. Richard Clarke was the keynote speaker at the July show,
    and while there were many excellent technical talks, Jeff Jonas'
    lunchtime talk on NORA was not to be missed. We are encoding at a
    higher quality with a bit higher resolution. Check out:
    - Last I would like to remind everyone that Black Hat has opened the
    CFP for our Europe conference which will be held in May in Amsterdam.
    In the next few weeks the CFPs for the July, Federal, and Asia
    conferences will be put on-line. We look forward to your submissions.
    Thank you, and I hope your mail client knows how to word wrap.
    Jeff Moss
    Black Hat
    PS: If you want to see the talk David Litchfield gave at the July show
    in which he reveals the MS SQL UDP problem that turned into the SQL
    Hell/Slammer/Sapphire worm, fire up Real Player and check out the
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