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Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 00:34:07 PDT

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    By David Worthington and Nate Mook, 
    September 13th, 2003
    Microsoft is hurrying to produce a post Service Pack 1 security rollup
    package for Windows XP, reversing its August decision to rely solely
    on Windows Update to deliver individual patches.
    Since it came to light that Windows XP SP2 was delayed until at least
    mid-2004, pressure has mounted for Redmond to tend to customers
    without high bandwidth connections.
    BetaNews has learned that in response, Microsoft has tasked beta
    testers with evaluating the detection and installation of a package
    that installs multiple patches simultaneously, collectively called a
    The pre-SP2 rollup, which incorporates 22 previously released updates,
    is due to be released to manufacturing on September 24. It will be
    available for both pre-SP1 and post-SP1 installations of Windows XP --
    effectively superseding SP1b.
    Microsoft would not confirm the rollup beta test, but acknowledged the
    company was considering its options.  "In an effort to make updating
    easier and more convenient for all of our customers, we are
    investigating multiple options for distributing updates," a Microsoft
    spokesperson told BetaNews. "We will have more details at a later
    Although Microsoft was sending mixed signals regarding its intentions
    to update Windows XP prior to the date outlined on its product
    lifecycle Web site, this impending rollup release marks a reversal of
    In an August chat session regarding the Blaster Internet worm,
    Microsoft product manager John Hazen said, "We do not currently have
    plans to create a Security Rollup Package for Windows XP, but are
    exploring ways to make these fixes more readily available and easier
    to install together."
    The company dignified its decision by stating that Windows Update has
    worked out so well that more and more customers are retrieving updates
    "real time," rather than waiting it out for the release of a
    full-fledged service pack.
    In addition, the unexpected delay of Service Pack 2 has led many
    Microsoft insiders to speculate that new features are in store for
    Windows aside from the usual assortment of updates.
    These critical and security fixes are required for all new PCs which
    currently ship out of the box with SP1b installed.  All in all, the
    updates weight in at a hefty 30 megabytes.  Microsoft would not say
    whether or not the rollup would ship to OEMs.
    Rumor and speculation has pointed to the ongoing PC Satisfaction trial
    as a likely candidate for inclusion into the operating system;
    although nothing concrete has emerged to confirm suspicions.
    PC Satisfaction includes services that dwell beyond the customary
    boundaries of Microsoft's usual product offerings. Anti-virus
    scanning, a self updating firewall, and programmatic backups are all
    features of the trial.
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