[ISN] announce: new mailing list - application security research - from vulnerabilities to code injection.

From: InfoSec News (isn@private)
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 02:59:58 PST

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    Forwarded from: Gadi Evron <ge@private>
    For the past month or two we have been seeing more and more off-topic
    message on the TH-Research (Trojan Horses Research) mailing list.
    We decided to start a new mailing list to take off the "pressure".
    The new mailing list is called appsec-research, and it will deal with
    issues such as vulnerability research through packers and win32
    binaries to code injection.
    Same rules, same issues: we are here to help people (and the rest of
    the world when we can) while staying on the _good_ "side of the
    fence".. but we do not allow anyone on the list before a background
    I personally believe in the concept of full disclosure, but I realize
    now that when it comes to security it's no longer practical for the
    very simple reason that we are out-numbered 100,000 to one.
    So, the new list will be all about how to protect and break software,
    whether it's a vulnerability or a packer.. I considered calling the
    list IDA-geeks, but oh well.
    If you want to join send me an email message to ge@private
         Gadi Evron.
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