[ISN] Visual Enterprise Security/Fatum Agent 2.0.10 Beta Test Announcement

From: Eric Knight (eric@private)
Date: Tue Jun 01 2004 - 12:43:53 PDT

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    This is an open call for beta testers and interested parties to take a look
    at the Visual Enterprise Security Server and Fatum Agent technology that I
    (SwordSoft, me.) have been developing.  It's a Microsoft Windows based
    Agent/Server security and management architecture that is meant to be an
    experimental design for integration of security tools based on the design
    strategies presented in the "Treatise on Informational Warfare"  (As it
    stands, 75% of the framework has been implemented.)
    The information about the product(s) can be found at:
    http://www.swordsoft.com/modules.php?name=VES   (Visual Enterprise Security)
    http://www.swordsoft.com/modules.php?name=Fatum (Fatum Agent)
    You can download it now without a bunch of registration forms and whatnot
    immediately from: http://www.swordsoft.com/modules.php?name=Downloads
    To stem off "I'm doing this for the advertising" complaints, the product may
    be planned for commercial use, and there are people working gratis to help
    build SwordSoft, but the VES/Fatum products are going to be free for up to
    10 computers even after it goes final.  I do want this product to be used by
    the majority, it's aimed at the small environments and tries and move as far
    away from the "expensive band-aid" as possible.  Aside from that, VES
    currently isn't "for sale" by SwordSoft and in fact, nothing on the web site
    is.  The program was written in a very small computing environment, so it's
    a big mystery to us if it can even scale past 10 computers - we're
    predicting 20, although in theory a PC with a gig of ram could handle 250..
    Anyway, the point being its concept technology brought to a level where it
    needs to get out of the lab.
    I've written almost 400,000 lines of code into this, made over 1,000 icons,
    the distribution size is about 20 megabytes for the server, 10 megabytes for
    the Agent.  With some help from some supporters providing distribution
    bandwidth, we're giving "grassroots" a try to at least figure out what the
    people in the industry think of this "concept-ware".
    I did my best to keep the project as professional as possible given its
    scale, lack of resources, and such.
    I was following my dream for an "all encompassing" type of integrated
    security environment that at least makes a genuine attempt to be friendly
    and easy to use.  The reality behind a program like this is that it's a
    series of growth steps, building framework, building tools to test it,
    building components, platform tests, etc.  My choices for tools at this time
    were based on framework integration, not industry need, but you'll get the
    idea what the whole system is capable of if you play around.  I've been
    focusing more on industry demands lately.
    Anyway, enjoy.  I hope you'll find it useful.  I'll continue to support the
    development of the products; I've got no end to the number of improvements I
    want to make.  The Beta keys don't have time expiration.  They'll be fully
    functional for when the product is in "final" release.  And otherwise, I
    look forward to hearing about what people think of this effort.
    Thank you,
    Eric Knight
    Security Researcher, Overworked, Dazed.
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