[ISN] OSVDB Post Go-Live Update, 3000 Stable Entries

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Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 01:43:46 PDT

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    Post Go-Live Update
    3000 Stable Entries
    We have had an overwhelming positive response since the go-live of the
    Open Source Vulnerability Database project, and would like to thank
    everyone that has supported OSVDB. In the two months, we've gotten
    many new volunteers and have over fifty active data manglers. Thanks
    to their dedication and hard work, we have made great progress
    updating the database content, and have 3000 vulnerabilities in the
    "stable" status.
    As well as the database content, we have achieved a project milestone
    to help support the growth and adoption of OSVDB. In addition to the
    RSS feed (http://www.osvdb.org/backend/rss.php) of daily "stable"
    vulnerabilities, the entire database is now available in XML format.  
    Custom scripts are available to load the data into PostgreSQL, MySQL
    and Microsoft Access databases. Any feedback on the XML format or
    scripts is greatly appreciated.
    Also on the new feature list is the OSVDB XML-RPC server. This had
    been requested by numerous security tools to help the active
    integration with and usage of OSVDB. We have developed our own library
    of procedure calls to be used as a means of retrieving data via
    XML-RPC.  This library may be utilized to search and display data
    contained in the OSVDB database. More information can be found at:
    http://www.osvdb.org/xmlrpc-server-client-documentation.php.  We want
    to send special thanks to Brandon for all of his hard work and making
    this big step for OSVDB possible!
    Since the OSVDB go-live, the development team has been inundated with
    requests for bug fixes, enhancements and major functionality changes.
    They previously posted a request for new developers, and are still
    seeking additional help. If interested, please email Forrest (fbr at
    We have had many people contact us and offer support for the project.
    We are currently determining our long-term hosting strategy, and
    appreciate the many offers of mirror space. When we have a clear
    strategy defined, we will be reviewing and evaluating all of the
    offers. Most notable of the support offers, we'd like to thank
    Churchill & Harriman (http://www.chus.com/), who became our first
    financial sponsor. We appreciate their support to help ensure the
    long-term success of OSVDB, and hope others will follow their lead.
    OSVDB continues to aggressively update the content of the database, as
    well as strive to complete the objectives we have previously outlined.
    We will also continue to update the community as major accomplishments
    are achieved. As always, please feel free to contact us with ideas,
    questions or feedback.
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