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Thank you for reading the LinuxSecurity.com weekly security newsletter.
The purpose of this document is to provide our readers with a quick
summary of each week's most relevant Linux security headlines.

This week, perhaps the most interesting articles include "Denial-of-
service flaw fixed in Linux kernel", "The Hidden Treasures of IPTables"
and "Quantum Crypto Network Debuts".


>> Bulletproof Virus Protection <<

Protect your network from costly security breaches with Guardian Digital's
multi-faceted security applications.  More then just an email firewall, on
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This week, advisories were released for kernel, Ethereal, MoinMoin and
rsync.  The distributors include EnGarde, Fedora, Gentoo and Mandrake.



Security Expert Dave Wreski Discusses Open Source Security

LinuxSecurity.com editors have a seat with Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian
Digital, Inc. and respected author of various hardened security and Linux
publications, to talk about how Guardian Digital is changing the face of
IT security today. Guardian Digital is perhaps best known for their
hardened Linux solution EnGarde Secure Linux, touted as the premier
secure, open-source platform for its comprehensive array of general
purpose services, such as web, FTP, email, DNS, IDS, routing, VPN,
firewalling, and much more.



Catching up with Wietse Venema, creator of Postfix and TCP Wrapper

Duane Dunston speaks at length with Wietse Venema on his current research
projects at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center, including his forensics
efforts with The Coroner's Toolkit. Wietse Venema is best known for the
software TCP Wrapper, which is still widely used today and is included
with almost all unix systems.  Wietse is also the author of the Postfix
mail system and the co-author of the very cool suite of utilities called
The Coroner's Toolkit or "TCT".



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| Host Security News: | <<-----[ Articles This Week ]----------

* PHP Zaps Security Leaks
July 19th, 2004

The open-source PHP Group has released a fix for a pair of security holes
that could be exploited to execute arbitrary code on remote PHP servers.
The flaws affect PHP versions 4.3.7 and prior and version 5.0.0RC3 and


* Denial-of-service flaw fixed in Linux kernel
July 16th, 2004

Gentoo has fixed a vulnerability in the 2.6 Linux kernel that could be
exploited for a remote denial-of-service attack. The company calls this a
"high-impact" flaw and recommends users update to newer versions of the


* Automate backups on Linux
July 12th, 2004

The loss of critical data can prove devastating. Still, millions of
professionals ignore backing up their data. While individual reasons vary,
one of the most common explanations is that performing routine backups can
be a real chore. Because machines excel at mundane and repetitive tasks,
the key to reducing the inherent drudgery and the natural human tendency
for procrastination, is to automate the backup process.


* NIST helps on security budgets
July 12th, 2004

Agency officials struggling to include information-security outlays in
their budget requests may find help in a publication released today by the
National Institute of Standards and Technology. The draft document, NIST
Special Publication 800-65, presents seven steps to ensure that
information technology budget requests meet the requirements of the
Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002.


| Network Security News: |

* The Hidden Treasures of IPTables
July 16th, 2004

With these powerful add-ons for iptables you can match strings or port
ranges in iptables rules or even create a tar pit for network abusers.


* SSH2, Part 1: Securing Your Telnet Session
July 14th, 2004

This may seem an obscure UNIX topic I'm about to talk about, but keep
watching. SSH is a very important and useful program if you're at all
concerned about security. And it's absolutely indispensable if you use
wireless networking.


* Choose the Best FTP Server
July 13th, 2004

A FTP server does the heavy lifting of security, organization, and
transfer control, while clients usually just take part in saving
transferred files to a specified location on your hard drive. If you are
really into business and plan on spending money on your FTP server, you'll
want to focus on what kind of qualities and characteristics the software


* Quantum Crypto Network Debuts
July 14th, 2004

Quantum cryptography has the potential to guarantee perfectly secure
communications, but until now all of the prototype systems have been
point-to-point links rather than networks that share connections. BBN
Technologies, Harvard University and Boston University researchers have
built a six-node quantum cryptography network that operates continuously
to provide a way to exchange secure keys between BBN and Harvard, which is
about 10 kilometers away.


| General Security News: |

* Open Source: Get With the Program
July 19th, 2004

Open Source is changing the software industry. It will change it forever.
There is no going back. Let's consider some statistics. A number of Open
Source products are market leaders


* Fighting spam on Linux
July 15th, 2004

Security management vendor IntelliReach Corp. of Dedham, Mass., announced
today the new version of its MessageScreen spam and content filtering
appliance supports SuSE Linux.


* Pssst--wanna buy some source code?
July 15th, 2004

A group of self-identified hackers has set up shop online to sell
what it claims are files containing confidential software code--and
it says it's ready to take orders for more.


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