[ISN] Lenovo's Yang says US decision to reject PCs 'unfair' - report

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Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 00:08:00 PDT


AFX News Limited 

SHANGHAI (AFX) - Lenovo Group Ltd Chairman Yang Yuanqing said the US
State Department's fears that Lenovo's computers pose a security risk
are groundless, the Shanghai Daily reported.

The newspaper quoted Yang as saying: ''It is unfair to Lenovo, a
market-oriented firm.'

On Monday, media reported that the US State Department will not use
Lenovo computers for its classified networks - those that connect US
embassies and consulates - because of security concerns.

The Chinese government owns 27 pct of Lenovo.

'Our products comply with CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investments in
the United States) and all suppliers' requirements,' Yang said.

In March, the State Department agreed to purchase 16,000 Lenovo
computers and related equipment through government contractor CDW
Government Inc, Lenovo's US-based supplier. The machines will be
restricted to non-classified use, reports said.

In a teleconference yesterday, Yang said Lenovo's order value from the
US government is only one pct of the computer maker's total revenue.

Lenovo will explore business in emerging markets such as India and
Brazil to avoid political obstacles, Yang was cited as saying.

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