[ISN] Industrial espionage quietly reaches Dominican arena

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Date: Sun Sep 24 2006 - 22:45:50 PDT


September 24, 2006 
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic News

SANTO DOMINGO.- A hidden microphone found recently in an office of an 
well-known executive has prompted unease among important business 
leaders who fear that itÂ’s use is for industrial espionage.

The news of the detection of the equipment, a small hi-tech wireless 
microphone which allows listening in on far off sounds has been 
disclosed among high level executives of different business areas.

As a result of becoming aware of the case, executives who handle 
intelligence and strategic data have undertook exhaustive sweeps of 
their offices and other areas and salons where work meetings are held 

A source told the newspaper El Caribe that the revisions must be 
conducted in an extreme and meticulously manner, and because of the 
microphonesÂ’ diminutive size, are placed where they can be confused as a 
part of the lighting fixtures and other objects, going unnoticed.

The interest provoked by the finding led some companies to conduct the 
extesnsive sweeps which include the ventilation and AC ductworks.

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