[ISN] Second stolen laptop recovered

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Date: Mon Jan 08 2007 - 01:08:09 PST


Jan 05 2007

Kamloops Mounties have recovered another of the six stolen laptops taken 
from the Ministry of Children and Family Development building on Dec. 
26, bringing the total number of recovered computers to two.

Cpl. Scott Wilson confirmed Wednesday that the departments action 
response team found the second laptop at a Kamloops residence sometime 
between Dec. 29 and Dec. 31.

He was unable to specify in which neighbourhood the home was located.

A week ago today, police stumbled onto the first laptop while responding 
to a disturbance call in a downtown residence. When police entered the 
house, which was well-known to them, the laptop was in plain view.

No arrests were made and no charges have been laid.

Wilson said police received a tip to the location of the second laptop.

It doesnt appear that the two recoveries are associated at this time, he 

There were no arrests or charges following the second recovery, but the 
investigation continues.

We are still looking at recovering the remainder of the laptops, Wilson 
said. The file is still being investigated and if we are in a position 
to lay charges, we will.

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