[ISN] Security Guide: Operationalizing the IA Component of the GIG

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Date: Wed Mar 28 2007 - 00:00:50 PST


By Harrison Donnelly
Military Information Technology
Volume: 11  Issue: 2
Published: March 08, 2007

Richard C. (Dick) Schaeffer Jr. is information assurance director at the 
National Security Agency (NSA), serving in that position since April 
2006. The Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) is the NSA mission 
element charged with providing the products and services necessary to 
protect our nations critical information and information systems. IAD is 
also responsible for defining and implementing the information assurance 
strategy to protect the Department of Defenses Global Information Grid 
(GIG) and supporting ongoing military operations against terrorism by 
delivering solutions that allow the secure and dynamic sharing of 
information across security domains at multiple classification levels in 
todays net-centric environment.

Schaeffer was interviewed by MIT Editor Harrison Donnelly. 


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