[ISN] Security flaw exposed at Sydney International Airport

From: InfoSec News (alerts@private)
Date: Mon May 26 2008 - 23:09:36 PDT


By Janet Fife-Yeomans
The Daily Telegraph
May 26, 2008 

A MAN was able to walk past customs and immigration counters to farewell 
a friend at the departure gate in a major security breach at Sydney 
International Airport.

It was was only when he realised his mistake and tried to go back that 
the security breach was discovered.

The Australian Customs Services has launched an investigation into the 
latest security embarrassment at the country's busiest airport - and may 
lay criminal charges against the man.

Angry unions said they were not surprised at the gaping security flaw, 
which they said threatened the safety of all passengers and airline 

The Daily Telegraph can reveal that the man's friend had checked in for 
his flight and gone through customs and security to wait at the 
departure gate on Sunday May 18 at about 10am.

"Not long after, the friend decided he wanted to see the gentleman who 
was flying one last time," a source said.

"He strolled through the doors to customs, walked straight by the 
customs counters - unchallenged by the agents manning the desks - 
cleared security (who were not to know he wasn't flying), then proceeded 
to the gate lounge where his passenger friend was waiting."

A Customs spokesman confirmed the breach but said the man had gone 
through full security screening.

"The circumstances under which he was not processed through the outward 
customs area are still being examined," the spokesman said.

"But he was subject to the full aviation screening processed."

The man may be charged under section 234 of the Customs Act, which 
covers the unauthorised entry to a customs-controlled area.

Transport Workers Union national secretary Tony Sheldon said that 
someone so easily by-passing customs did not say a lot for airport 

He said it was an example of a problem across the count

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