[ISN] Computer security review ordered

From: InfoSec News (alerts@private)
Date: Thu May 29 2008 - 02:00:44 PDT


May 27, 2008

Secretary for Security Ambrose Lee has expressed concern over the Police 
Force's suspected online data leak, and ordered all disciplined services 
to conduct a comprehensive review urgently to ensure information 

He told reporters today all disciplined services must review their 
internal computer systems, procedures for handling confidential 
information and use of personal computers for office matters.

Noting there are strict guidelines on staff bringing home confidential 
information, Mr Lee said he does not encourage staff to handle office 
matters with personal computers. There could be a data-leak channel if 
Foxy - file-sharing software - is installed in such computers.

He stressed the force's internal computer system is secure and has not 
been hacked. None of the disciplined services' internal computer systems 
havebeen fitted with the file-sharing software, he added.

Commissioner of Police Tang King-shing says the force's computer system 
has been operating smoothly and securely, adding a suspected online data 
leak is under investigation.

Probe underway

Expressing concern over media reports on a suspected data leak today, Mr 
Tang said it may be caused by individual staff using personal computers. 
A full probe is underway.  Police will contact the Privacy Commissioner 
for Personal Data if members of the public are involved in the case.

Mr Tang said the relevant guidelines will be reviewed, adding 
disciplinary action may be taken if staff do not follow the rules.

On Japan Customs' training of sniffer dogs, Mr Lee said they hid a pack 
of cannabis in a suitcase belonging to a Hong Kong passenger at Narita 
Airport last week and this has violated international customs practices.

He said Hong Kong Customs will not use passengers' bags when training 
sniffer dogs and has contacted Japan Customs to express concern over the 

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