[ISN] Prosecutor: Admin Rigged City Network for 'Failure'

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Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 04:02:08 -0500 (CDT)

By David Kravets 
Threat Level
July 23, 2008

A judge on Wednesday refused to free the jailed San Francisco admin who 
hijacked the city's network a week ago after a prosecutor said the 
defendant rigged it for "failure" under a power outage.

Terry Childs, a city employee who helped build the government's FiberWan 
network containing city e-mails, payroll, police records and other 
information, gave up the passwords Monday -- access codes he 
commandeered a week before while freezing out others. He provided them 
to Mayor Gavin Newsom in a secret jailhouse interview.

In arguing against freeing Childs, prosecutor Conrad DelRosario told 
Superior Court Judge Lucy McCabe that Childs poses a threat to the 
public. The prosecutor said Childs rigged the network so that key 
programs were held in RAM files that would implode during a power 

He said there was a July 19 scheduled power outage in the network admin 
building that was canceled as a precaution when forensic experts were 
trying to crack the code and get back into the network, which was 
running smoothly despite the city's inability to access it.


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