[ISN] Mutually assured destruction in cyberspace

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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 00:08:10 -0500 (CDT)

By Victor Mallet
August 21 2008

The crisis in Georgia has not only stoked fears of a belligerent Russia. 
It has also served as a reminder that a new style of warfare - 
potentially as devastating as those that terrified previous generations
- is almost upon us: cyberwar.

Before Russia invaded Georgia, co-ordinated attacks were launched 
against Georgian government websites, leaving internet servers 
overloaded and disabled.

This was not the first or the most damaging attack in cyberspace on a 
sovereign nation by agents suspected of working for another, although it 
is believed to be the first to coincide with an actual war. Russia was 
also blamed for a 2007 cyber-assault on Estonia, which asked Nato for 

However, neither Russian computer interference with its neighbours nor 
Georgian retaliation should overshadow the greater danger to peace posed 
by a possible cyberwar pitting China against the west.

As early as 2003, China tested the vulnerability of US military computer 
networks in a sophisticated operation called "Titan Rain" by the US. In 
2007, China hacked into a Pentagon network serving the office of Robert 
Gates, defence secretary.


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