[ISN] MoD admits data loss bigger than thought

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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 03:19:41 -0500 (CDT)

By John Oates 
The Register
14th October 2008

The MoD has admitted that the hard drive lost by EDS contained more 
information, on more people than originally believed.

We reported on Friday that EDS had lost the removable and unencyrpted 
drive containing detailed records on 100, 000 servicemen and women and 
names and phone numbers for 800, 000 people who had applied to join up.

But Armed Forces minister Bob Ainsworth told the House of Commons that 
the drive could contain information on up to 1.7m people who had made 
enquiries to join the armed services or were serving. For people who had 
only made an initial enquiry this would be just a name and phone number. 
But for actual applicants the files would include next of kin, passport 
and national insurance numbers, drivers' license and bank details.The 
drive, used by the TAFMIS recruitment system, was unencrypted. This 
follows the loss of 50, 000 personnel records from RAF Innsworth last 

The MoD has set up a helpline for people who think their personal 
details could be at risk. Where bank details have been lost the 
department has also informed payment service APACS to flag accounts for 
possible fraud. MoD police are investigating the loss.

Ainsworth said the MoD holds data records for 200m people.


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