[ISN] The culprit of DDOS attack is a student

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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 03:20:00 -0500 (CDT)

VietNamNet Bridge

On October 10, 2008, the police arrested a high school student in the 
central province of Quang Nam. He was discovered to be the culprit of 
the DDOS attack that has stirred up the IT community for the last few 

The decision to arrest the student was released 20 hours after the rush 
investigation made by the High-tech Crime Fighting Agency under the 
Ministry of Public Security (PC 15) and the Bach Khoa Internet Security 
Centre (Bkis).

Investigators found out that the subject, a student named P., persuaded 
his friends to install viruses in computers in public Internet cafés. 
From the computers, the viruses were spread by USB. As such, the culprit 
was able to create a wide network of botnets with some 1,000 computers.

The botnets were the main tool that helped him carry out DDOS attacks on 
some websites, namely 5giay.vn, nhatnghe.com, from October 5-8. The 
culprit confessed to attacking the websites after he was shown 
irrefutable evidence.

Bkis’ website also a victim?

Website www.bkav.com.vn was inaccessible during the days the DDOS 
attacks were occurring. Therefore, the IT community believed that the 
website was also a victim of the attack.

However, Nguyen Tu Quang, Director of Bkis, on October 5, after local 
newspapers, IT forums and blogs had reported news about the DDOS attack 
on Bkis’ website, officially denied this.

He said Bkis anticipated that the hacker would attack Bkis in order to 
show his strength. Therefore, Bkis decided to trap the hacker.

As forecast, the hacker then attacked Bkis’ website with the same method 
he used to attack 5giay.vn and nhatnghe.com.

Quang said that after the news spread that even Bkis’ website suffered a 
DDOS attack, P. said on a forum of the hacker community that he was the 
author of the attack, boasting that he could destroy any website he 

Quang said that the inaccessibility to bkav.com.vn on October 8 was 
because Bkis set a trap for the hacker.

Online crime wave

Senior lieutenant-colonel Tran Van Hoa, Head of the High-Tech Crime 
Fighting Agency, said that the number of Internet crimes has been 
increasing recently.

Hoa said that in order to repress Internet crimes, in November, the 
National Assembly will ratify the amended Criminal Law. The bill 
stipulates that those spreading harmful informatics programmes, 
illegally controlling computers or computer networks that make computers 
lose control and cause severe consequences could be fined VND20-200mil, 
or receive 1-5 years in prison.

Nguyen Tu Quang, Director of Bkis, has suggested that businesses equip 
themselves with the ‘urgent defence’ mechanism. In case of a DDOS 
attack, the mechanism will discover abnormal accesses in a website. 
After that, businesses should report the attacks to investigative 
agencies to track down the criminals.

(Source: Tien phong)

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