[ISN] EXCLUSIVE: Cyber-Hackers Break Into IMF Computer System

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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:01:30 -0600 (CST)

By Richard Behar
FOX News
November 14, 2008

Another major international financial institution has had its computer 
system attacked by unknown cyber-hackers, FOX News has learned.

The discovery of the assault last week threw into crisis the Washington, 
D.C. based International Monetary Fund (IMF), which offers emergency 
financial aid to countries faced with balance-of-payments problems, and 
provoked a shutdown of IMF computers that lasted for several days.

In October, FOX News reported that the computer system at the World Bank 
had also been hacked over a period of months.

FOX News has been unable to determine what, if any, information may have 
been obtained by the hackers. The IMF denies any critical intrusion took 

The spyware discoveries came at a particularly sensitive time for the 
international bailout institution, which along with the World Bank is 
expected to play a central role in trying to combat global financial 
turmoil. The pair of institutions are described on the IMF's website as 
the "twin intergovernmental pillars supporting the structure of the 
world's economic and financial order."


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