[ISN] Sun CTO to form cloud security forum

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Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 00:13:15 -0500 (CDT)

By Tom Espiner
May 27, 2009 

Sun's U.K. chief technology officer is working with major British public 
and private organizations to set up a cross-sector forum to resolve 
cloud-computing security issues.

Cloud-computing systems could become as important as the U.K. critical 
national infrastructure, and they need to be secured in an appropriate 
manner, Wayne Horkan told ZDNet Asia's sister site ZDNet UK last week. 
The Sun executive said he is working on setting up the forum alongside 
organizations such as the CBI, Microsoft and Accenture; government 
departments such as Berr, Dius and the Treasury; and the government's 
chief scientific advisor, Professor John Beddington.

"I'm concerned about the security of the supply," Horkan said at the 
Cloud Expo Europe conference in London. "If cloud computing becomes a 
utility, it's important to me that the United Kingdom as a nation state 
has good security of supply. It's important that the United Kingdom has 
the appropriate capability in cloud computing."

Horkan is also concerned about cloud-computing compliance issues facing 
the public and private sectors. Most of the major cloud-computing 
suppliers, which include Amazon and Google, are US-based. Horkan said 
that European organizations using cloud services based outside Europe 
face the possibility of not being in compliance with European 
data-protection law, as sensitive customer data could be inappropriately 
shared, or exposed through legal discovery.


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