[ISN] China to issue unified rules on sentencing for cyber attack crimes

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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 01:21:35 -0600 (CST)

Editor: Mu Xuequan

BEIJING, Nov. 10 (Xinhua)-- China will issue new judicial rules 
governing sentencing standards for cyber attack crimes by the end of 
this year, an official of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) told 
Xinhua Wednesday.

China has become a major victim of online crimes such as hacker attacks, 
with eight out of every ten computers in the country having suffered 
botnet attacks, said Gu Jian, vice director of the Internet security 
bureau of the MPS.

Botnet is a network of computers that have had malicious software 
installed in them and are under the control of criminals, while the 
owners of the computers remain unaware of the computer hacking.

China criminalized attacks on computer systems in 1997, and made 
specific provisions on hacker attacks, such as outlawing the illegal 
control of another computer, in its seventh amendment to the Criminal 
Law in 2009.

In most botnet cases in China, the controllers were found to be located 
abroad, Gu said.

Moreover, more than 80 percent of the cyber attacks targeting websites 
of China's government agencies came from overseas, Gu said.

Gu called for more international cooperation in fighting transnational 
online crimes at the fourth U.S.-China Internet Industry Forum which 
concluded Tuesday in Beijing.

At the forum, China and the U.S. agreed to strengthen international law 
enforcement in combating cyber crimes, improve international cooperation 
mechanisms in this regard, and enhance communication on fighting cyber 

In addition to cyber attacks, other kinds of major online crimes 
included online pornography, online gambling and online fraud, Gu added.

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