[ISN] Is Your SCADA Vulnerable to a Cyber Attack? Call 1-800-USA-0DAY

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[I'm scratching my head a little as 800-USA-0DAY has been in use since
2006, and held by phone sex company with some 3 million 8**#. Should you
call the number in question, you can talk with 'fun people' as I'm sure
SCADA hackers can be loads of good cheer!   - WK]

By Sara Yin
Jan 11, 2012

"You can't change a password or your lights will go out!" yelled out a 
woman sitting in the audience of a workshop on how to secure a SCADA 
system. The woman identified herself as an engineer at a New York 
electric company.

"It would take us 5 years and $25 million to change a SCADA system," she 

Her comments were in response to a presentation delivered by Blake 
Cornell, an independent security researcher speaking at the third annual 
International Conference on Cyber Security here in New York City.

In recent years, we've seen an alarming number of breaches (and 
misreports) into critical infrastructure of industrial control systems, 
like electric and power grids, known simply as SCADA (Supervisory 
Control and Data Acquisition). Stuxnet, that enduring, 
infrastructure-targeting beast of a computer worm that crippled Iran's 
nuclear facilities in 2010, probably comes to mind first. Duqu, another 
worm believed to be written by the same authors, was programmed to steal 
industrial trade secrets. Together the worms have infected around 
100,000 computers equipped with Siemens PLCs and Windows-based 
industrial software.


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