Re: [ISN] Stratfor relaunches site; CEO accuses attackers of censorship

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: "We are now in a world in which anonymous judges, jurors and executioners can
: silence whom they want," Friedman said in the video. "This is a new censorship that
: doesn't come openly from governments but from people hiding behind masks."

Zut alors!  Friedman's description of things could be applied to the 
Internet community's views on how SOPA or PIPA were drafted and how the 
blacklist provisions contained therein would, if enacted, create the 
very world Friedman writes of -- " a world in which anonymous judges, 
jurors and executioners can silence whom they want,"  The only 
difference is that with SOPA/PIPA, instead of hiding behind symbolic 
masks, those inflicting this damage upon various Internet entities are 
hiding behind well-heeled lobbyists funded by the Hollywood I guess that's okay, because they're the "good guys", 

Talking like that, I wonder if Friedman's purposely baiting the 
attackers (Anonymous or whomever) to come at them again for one reason 
or other.  I could almost hear the late gravelly-throated Don LaFontaine 
reading that line to me in a Stratfor preview video of their new 
research product on evil cyber haxors: "in a wooooorld in which.....only 
one firm.....has the insights and analytical capability to 
help protect you from them."

: He criticized the hackers for taking advantage of the Internet's anonymity to attack
: companies and lamented the lack of accountability on the Net. "The attempt to silence us : has failed," a defiant Friedman said. "Our website is back, our email is working [and] we
: are restoring our archives," he said. "We will continue to publish our analysis."

Again, he's rather blatantly sticking this finger into the hornet's 
nest.  For what reason, besides reactionary ego or a lack of 
forethought?  As such, it will not surprise me to hear that Stratfor 
gets popped again at some point.  I have nothing to do with Anonymous, 
and I'm neither condemning nor condoning the incident, but if he's 
smart, Friedman really should not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

-- rick

Just because i'm near the punchbowl doesn't mean I'm also drinking from it.

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