[ISN] Managing information security during an innovation void

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By Peter Kuper
January 12, 2012

An innovation void is deepening security's struggle to protect, 
according to In-Q-Tel's Peter Kuper. But can the gap be closed by 
infosec professionals willing to seize the initiative?

Although predictions for the coming year are a staple of the season, I 
will do more than offer an educated guess. I am going on the record with 
a guarantee: In 2012 we will see an increase in network intrusions from 
disparate parties trying to create IT infrastructure chaos for a variety 
of reasons primarily political, financial and economic. An easy 
prediction perhaps given the trend and yet while I fully trust CSOs and 
CISOs and security teams are doing all they can to prevent breaches; I 
am deeply concerned that they still lack the technology to adequately 
protect IT infrastructure from malicious attacks.

There are several reasons for this state of unpreparedness. Budget 
constraints certainly continue to be an issue even as the U.S. economy 
plods along in recovery mode. However, the more disconcerting limiting 
factor is beyond the direct control of infosec executives:the scarcity 
of innovation in the information security industry.

Too few entrepreneurs are bringing to market new technologies that are 
the core building blocks for information security. While I wouldn't go 
so far as the say enterprises are bringing a knife to a gun fight, there 
is no doubt that the industry is not keeping pace with the technology or 
the ability of attackers. The resulting disparity between available 
options and the growing challenges faced is what I call the innovation 

Four factors created the innovation void: Cuts, constraints, 
consolidation and capital:


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