[ISN] Chinese and US security chiefs move to defuse cyber Cold War

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Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 00:25:46 -0500 (CDT)

By Alastair Stevenson
08 May 2012

US and Chinese defence ministers have met in an effort to quell growing 
rumblings that the two countries are on the brink of cyber war and 
instead promote their work together on cyber issues affecting both 

US defence secretary Leon Panetta and Chinese general Liang Guanglie met 
in Washington on Monday and during a press conference said the two 
nations are working together to ensure a new cyber Cold War doesn't 

"Because the US and China have developed technological capabilities in 
this arena, it's extremely important that we work together to develop 
ways to avoid any miscalculation or misperception that could lead to 
crisis in this area," said Panetta.

"We agreed that obviously there are other countries, there are hackers, 
there are others that are involved in some of the attacks that both of 
our countries receive."

Liang went on to criticise the Western media, reiterating the Chinese 
government's stance that the country is being unfairly portrayed as the 
primary source of cyber attacks on the western world.


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