[ISN] Anti Wi-Fi Wallpaper To Go On Sale In 2013, Costs A Tad More Than Normal Ones

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Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 03:38:44 -0500 (CDT)

By Desire Athow
08 May, 2012

A new type of wallpaper, which has been developed by scientists from the 
"institut polytechnique Grenoble INP" and the "Centre Technique du 
Papier", will go on sale in 2013 after a Finnish firm, Ahlstrom acquired 
the license.

What looks like a bog standard wallpaper roll actually contains silver 
particles that allows it to filter out up to three different frequencies 
simultaneously. It is not the first time that such a technology has 
surfaced. Back in 2004, BAE Systems was tasked by Ofcom to come up with 
a similar solution based on what was then called a stealth wallpaper.

It used copper instead of silver and blocked Wi-Fi signals while letting 
GSM, 4G and emergency calls through. Back then though, a square meter 
cost £500 whereas the Wi-Fi wallpaper devised by the French researchers 
should be priced reasonably, with costs matching those of a "classic", 
mid-range wallpaper according to M. Lemaître-Auger, from Grenoble INP.

The wallpaper is made up of interlocked snow flake-like patterns which 
can be covered up with any other wallpaper of your choice. And there are 
even talks of using the technology in floors and ceiling to prevent 
Wi-Fi signals from leaking through the two remaining sides of any rooms.


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